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Fynn brings safe, fair, and affordable loans to students of all backgrounds at qualifying trade schools.

It only takes 5 minutes!

Affordable payments
No co-signer needed
No credit needed
Easy application

Here's why more students choose Fynn:

Payment Reduction

If your income drops below a certain level, Fynn will cover up to 20% of your monthly payment! If you qualify for this benefit, there are no fees, no penalties, and you never have to pay back the amount Fynn covered.

Payment Pause

If your income drops significantly below an average salary for your occupation, or you become unemployed, you can apply to pause your payments! Your interest also stops accruing during a payment pause.

Loan Forgiveness

Our loans are set up to be flexible and keep you on track. However, if you still haven’t finished paying off your loan within 15 years, we will forgive any outstanding balance on your loan. It's as simple as that.

Take a look at an example loan:

Loan Amount: $8,000

APR: 9.99%

Loan Term: 60 months

Your monthly payment:


Here's how to apply:

Complete our questionnaire

The questionnaire is quick and easy. There’s no need for a co-signer, and your application won’t affect your credit score!

School Verification

Once approved, you’ll select your loan terms and wait for your school to verify you. This process typically takes less than 48 hours and helps us make sure you are borrowing the right amount to pay for school.

Sign your documents

Once you’ve been approved and your school has signed off, all you need to do is sign your loan documents. After that, we’ll send your tuition directly to your school.

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